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XVII National and
X International Meeting
of Researchers in Animal Sciences








October 25 to 27 | Medellín, Colombia

El Tesoro Events Center

 ¡Ya puedes consultar las memorias del ENICIP 2023, en el suplemento del volumen 37 de la Revista Colombiana de Ciencias Pecuarias RCCP


Sustainability, technological and biotechnological developments

ENICIP is a biennial event intended to promote and communicate research and innovation in the animal sciences. This is a favorable scenario to reflect on the situation of the sector in Colombia and abroad, and on the contributions that can be offered from academia and, specifically from research, for the construction of a better country.



of national and international origin, who present their work in 15 thematic areas

This 2023 we will have the the presence of speakers from recognized academic trajectory

Sherry Lynn

Advanced Biotechnology Guiding Benchmark Vaccine Science

Bachelor of Science/Biology (University of Arkansas at Little Rock), PhD in Poultry Science with emphasis in Molecular Biology, Mucosal Immunity and Host Pathogen Interaction (University of Arkansas at Little Rock).

CEO at VETANCO USA Global Vaccine Development department. Expert with more than 15 developed patents.

Maroto Molina

Use of 4.0 technologies for the optimization of grazing and monitoring of the environmental impact of livestock.

Agricultural Engineer (University of Cordoba, Spain), PhD in Animal production (University of Cordoba, Spain).

Assistant professor at the University of Cordoba in the area of livestock production; Vice President of the Study Commission on Precision Livestock Farming - European Federation of Animal Science; and Advisory Board member of the Chair of Agricultural and Food Innovation (University of Cordoba and Caja Rural del Sur).


Paola Andrea
Barato Gómez

Sanitary challenges and biotechnological development in animal health for the sustainable growth of global aquaculture.

Veterinarian (National University of Colombia), Specialist in Aquaculture (University of Los Llanos, Colombia) and PhD in Biotechnology (National University of Colombia) and certified pathologist by the American College of Veterinary Pathologists.

She is a founding partner, CEO and Scientific Director at MolecularVet Florida, USA, FAO expert, coordinator of training activities for surveillance, antimicrobial resistance, health and biosafety in freshwater fish diseases.

Adalberto Ángel
Pérez de León

One Health Implications of Research at the USDA-ARS San Joaquin Valley Agricultural Sciences Center

D.V.M. (Universidad Veracruzana, México); MSc. in Entomology (University of Georgia, USA) and PhD in Entomology (University of Wyoming, USA).

Laboratory Director at San Joaquin Valley Agricultural Sciences Center of the Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture; Director of the Research Center at USDA-ARS (California, USA); Director of the Research Laboratory at USDA-ARS (Texas, USA). Adjunct Professor, North Carolina State University (USA).


Environmentally responsible cattle production: the challenges and some possible technological solutions

He worked as a farm animal veterinary practitioner in Australia for seven years before commencing an academic career in livestock production and health at Queensland Department of Primary Industries, then the University of Queensland in Australia and the University of Glasgow in the UK.

His teaching and research interests are broad and revolve around nutritional, technological, genetic and management strategies for the control of production diseases and parasites of grazing livestock.

He works on projects that contribute to the environmentally sensitive management of livestock, and to improved livestock and wildlife health, welfare and productivity, that promote biodiversity, and are compatible with equitable land-use principles, improving the livelihoods of the communities sharing access to the common resources.


Sustainable Food Systems

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph) Food Sciences. Climate-Smart Agriculture, Conservation Agriculture Officer, Sustainable Crop Intensification and Climate-Smart Agriculture Specialist – FAO.

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